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OC1 Course

3 Lesson

Lesson 1 Ama Flying

     5 Basic Rules to Flying your Ama

Lesson 2 Stroke Techniques

     Top Hand Dominant vs Bottom Hand Dominant
Lesson 3 Wave Riding

     Ride a wave with a pro

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The Paddle Like a Pro Course for OC1s consist of 3 progressive lessons.  Each lesson will build upon your Outrigger paddling skills teaching you feel for the water, stroke technique and how to catch and ride waves effectively.

Lesson 1 will teach you the 5 basic steps to controlling your ama and flying it on purpose.  This skill will teach you confidence and feel for the water.  

Lesson 2 will teach you 2 very different paddling techniques.  Using what we've learned in lesson 1, we will build on the concept of feel for the water.  We will talk about the body position, power phase, and rhythm that apply to each technique.  Using drills and analogies, we can reenforce how each technique should feel and you will be given several simple tips to help you remember important parts while paddling.  

Lesson 3 will focus on catching and riding waves.  With the help of a motorboat and an OC2, you will have an opportunity to ride a wave with a pro.  They will help you catch and ride the wave giving each paddler the opportunity to feel what its like to surf their outrigger.  If time allows, you will be giving an opportunity to catch and ride the wave on your own oc1.  

Learn in 3 simple lessons what many of us have taken decades to learn on our own.  Remember Practice makes perfect.

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